This is where we answer the most commonly asked questions that we get.  If you don't find the answer to your question here,

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Question: How deep do you drill post holes?

Answer: We drill to a depth of at least 3 feet but our target is always 40 inches down.

Question: What is the price for a wood fence?

Answer: The average price of a wood fence is around $ 38 per foot as this is reflected with the more reputable fence companies
out there.  There are cheaper but beware on quality issues.

Question: What type of pressure treated wood do you use?

Answer: Great question as quality does vary, we use only 5/8 Pressure Treated fence board and all wood components are of premiuim select grade.  Again just a reminder if you're quoted around $ 22 per foot its usually not premium wood.

Question: My fence was installed 2 years ago and 6 of my posts are leaning over badly, why?

Answer: Most likely your contractor or person that drilled your holes did not go down to at least 3 feet in depth and/or lack of
concrete mix per hole.  We drill to a target of 40 inches down and use 2 bags of concrete per hole.

Question: I paid $22 per foot and I have sections of my fence falling apart and its only three years old,why?

Answer: Sounds like the contractor used ardox nails and toe nailed into your fence post, unacceptable at least by our standards.  We only use metal fence clips and wood screw the clips and horizontal runners for a stronger fence.It again tells you something as you get what you pay for in life.

Question: As a homeowner do I need to call utilities?

Answer: It would be a good idea 2 or 3 weeks prior to fence project startup, a contractor can call as well but it is a small
detail that should be dealt with as soon as possible so project can be scheduled.  It is recommended that a homeowner get the ball rolling so we have a plan to complete the job in a timely manner.

Question: My gate is three years old and it is sagging plus it will not close properly what caused this?

Answer:  A few things come to mind: 1st, it was not built correctly?2nd, did the contractor provide metal corner kits for strength and stability over time and use? 3rd, was there a overhead support over the gate top for stability in a static position? 4th, was there proper hinges used on the initial installation? 5th, if your gate was priced around the $ 185 price range then obviously corners were cut once again. 6th was the gate over 44 inches in width where a larger post (6x6) should be used at pivot points/hinge arrangement.  I recommend a box frame with metal corner kits as my gates NEVER SAG for the life of your fence!!

Question: My backyard has quite a slope can you still build a wood fence?

Answer: Yes we can it would be a stepped fence and is a common build for us every year.

Question: How long should a wood fence last?

Answer: A minimum of 25 years.

Question: My fence posts have rotted out after 10 years and I need to do my fence all over again,how do I prevent this from
happening again?

Answer:  There are a few great measures to prevent this that were obviously over looked the first time. Remove all fence work and
redrill holes and prior to install keep a visual on the water table in the ground.It would be highly recommended to place 3/4
inch gravel at least 6 inch in depth at the bottom of each hole for drainage,make sure you drill holes down to around 46
inches as well.The second thing is to use roofing tar (bull dog grip) and smear it all over the 4 sides of the post section
that is entering the ground so you want around 4 feet of the post covered, or there is a product called POST SAVER that you
can wrap around the post before setting in concrete.These helpful ideas will help support the life of your posts and fence project.

Question: What is the price for a 10 hole minimum charge?

Answer: Great question and the real price is $ 250 per 10 post hole based on the more reputable fence companies out there. The
price does vary so make sure they drill to the required depth as this is the most important function to having a strong fence.

Question: What do you do if you drill and hit rock?

Answer: Some contractors will run away others will break there back and loose 2 or 3 hours on just one hole.  We at FBG Fencing
have jack hammers to remove rocks and get the project going, however there is a additional charge for this hard labour at hand.

Question: What is your guarantee?

Answer: Three years on all workmanship!  We are proud to be a BBB member and provide a great quality product and professional
installations all over the GTA!

Question: Are post caps necessary on a wood fence post?

Answer: Yes, not just for the look and final detail, it has a important function to keep water out from entering the top of the post that will take years off the life of your fence posts and is also cheap price component to install.

Question: How do I know if I have the right fence contractor?

Answer: There are a few things to consider first of all are they reputable in having credentials, referrals.  Do they have reviews and testimonials on a website,do they even have a website?  Are they affiliated with any reputable memberships such as BBB and
Chamber of Commerce.  Are they priced fairly but do not lack in quality, how long have they been in business and do they have a
passion for what they do.



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